Italy in July at very short notice –

Insanity? Or go for the gusto?  Ideas or alternatives?  Via train or rent car?  Just northern Italy – Venice, Florence/Siena/Lucca, Cinque Terre.  River cruise somewhere else?

Anyone?  Mark, Nichole, anyone?


8 thoughts on “Italy in July at very short notice –

  1. River cruises are a great way to travel. Unpack once, no having to leave bags outside door at 6am. You can relax or be active as it suits. Go for it and enjoy.


  2. Gail might have it dialed. I’ve heard wonderful things about riverboats in canals in southern France. Remember travel is arduous, though we often forget this in retrospect. I like the idea of you being transported on some conveyance. You’ve earned it.

  3. I was going to ask you about that, Gail. I remember something about being flooded out? The Loire Valley or southern France sounds terrific but we don’t have 15 days. I think Italy is too hot and crowded now… You’re right, Mark, it IS arduous, and I can’t schlepp baggage on trains like the old days. It might be an extreme demand, this little notice…

    • It’s on my short list as well but I’ve often thought of it as a place to party all night and do some fairly strenuous outdoor stuff… Food for thought, definitely!

      • There’s a spa there called Blue Lagoon, very famous. The water seems to be literally blue in color due to some mineral or other. In any case it’s a SPA. So, warm water to bathe in, get pampered, etc. Also ICELAND.

  4. This may seem a bit pedestrian, but Kara and I took that cruise to Alaska last year. Alaska was bomb in August. The food was A-maz-ing and the scenery gorgeous. The cruise – it was one of the Princess line – was fun. We got pampered the whole time.

    It wasn’t as cool as Iceland or Italy, but it was a good time.

    • A good time is always cool, as is pampering. Welp, after much research and lost sleep over developing itineraries and such, I’ve determined that there’s just more involved in planning a multi-location, multi-country trip at such short notice, especially as this week was full of other responsibilities. If I actually made it somewhere, I’d be a wreck when I got there. So I’ve stopped stressing and decided to let it go, deferring to a later date that I hope is possible. Then I might do what I want and actually have it somewhat planned.

      One loses confidence, not being able to wing it or mobilize spontaneously, but I have other excuses beyond not being 25. So hopefully I’ll post a real travel story, in 6 weeks or so. Crossing fingers!

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