What a nutty first day of November

A shooting at LAX, TSA officer killed.

It was Day 1 of the Carlsbad Girls Weekend. Checking in was a weird affair, which may mean the end of holding events at this particular location. Maybe time to move on to classier digs, but for now, the rooms are okay. One costs more than the other, and they’re exactly the same. When I made the reservation one room was supposed to be more because “it’s slightly bigger”. They wouldn’t give a AAA discount “because it’s the last room”. What?  Upon checking in, the manager “Bob” (an Indian/Paki older man) said he’d charge us the same price for both rooms, then tried to give us a disgusting smoking room downstairs and a decent “newer” room upstairs.  When I sought a different room he said I’d called the 800 number and requested a smoking room.  I said I have Stage IV lung cancer – I would never request a smoking room.  He eventually obliged, but instead of charging $20/night more, he would discount it to $10, but “it has a jacuzzi tub”. It was the exact same room next door to the other one we were issued!  The rooms downstairs have crappy ’70’s bedspreads, the ones upstairs have newer white bedspreads.  Whatever, for $10/night more I just wanted my sister and friend to be comfortable.  They actually have the better room, but I also know the rooms closer to the street are nicer.  Anyway. Beautiful day. Walked at least a couple of miles, from the hotel to the old pad on Date Ave. along the ocean.

Dinner and live music at O’Sullivan’s, formerly Tom Giblin’s.  It was better before – food and entertainment. But the service and drinks were good. The Irish band did play some celtic music, but there was some Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Coldplay, Neil Diamond, and “Sweet Home Alabama” thrown in there.  Strange line-up. Walked down to The Alley and never crossed over to Boar’s Crossing due to no crosswalk and 4 cops driving in circles, waiting to prey on inebriated people. In at midnight.

I’m solo tonight but the 4th J joins us tomorrow. Surprising I can walk a long way without much struggle but I’m definitely becoming short of breath and the pain level is dangerously high.  Discuss chemo option later.

Where did this year go?

One thought on “What a nutty first day of November

  1. Uggh. I hate complicated hotel rooms. And why do any hotels have smoking rooms anyway? It’s just gross.

    You can always bash them on Yelp. It might make you feel better.


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