Forever in our thoughts…

Dear Friends,
As you all know Jaz has been in a battle against stage IV lung cancer for the last seven and a half years. I regret to say, that very early this morning our beloved Jasmin passed away.

I would like everyone to know how extremely grateful we are for all the love and support you all showed us over the past years.

Please keep her forever in your thoughts and prayers,


18 thoughts on “Forever in our thoughts…

  1. i am so very, very sorry. and truly sad. yet i am blessed that in some way, i’ve been able to have her as part of my life even though it’s been a mutual following of each other’s blog. jaz – we never met. but i will miss you. my sympathies goes out to her loved ones.

  2. She was so much braver and stronger than I could have been. She was the epitome of courage and fortitude. I would never have been able to educate myself about cancer the way she did.

    It’s been five years since the last time I saw her. We went to lunch at a cafe in Oakland. She’d been living with cancer for two years, and had just grown her hair back from chemo. She was talking about remission, and she looked good. I’m glad that’s the way I remember her.

    God bless her, and keep her, and I will never forget her.


  3. This is just so shitty. I am so sad for her, for her family and loved ones, and for all of us who saw her as a pillar of hope.


  4. Altho I have no words she would be sooo disappointed in me for being mute. So…wr never met irl but I knew she was always out there and if I could have I would have given her some of my years as I know she would have put them to better use. X

  5. Oh, Jazz. Your fight was so long, so brave, so open, and I am so grateful you shared it. We never met IRL, but you were with me while my mum was sick with cancer and chose to follow me after her death and through my grief and life on the other side of that loss. I honestly cannot express how close to me you felt, due to that connection. I will always remember the beauty you brought and saw in the world.

  6. Michael, thanks for letting us know and I am so sorry. Jasmin has a special place in my heart and I shall miss her—right now it is hard to process the fact that she is gone.


  7. Michael – I’m so very very sorry for your loss. I’ve been reading this blog for a long time and was amazed by her strength. I hope you can find some comfort in how many peoples lives she educated, inspired and encouraged. I’m sorry I never had the chance to meet her. You have been in my thoughts since your mom told me. xo

  8. Is there any information on services? I don’t know what Jazz’s family has planned. But I would like to attend, if possible.


    • Jasmin left me instructions for what she would like regarding her memorial service-she was always so very thoughtful and always took such good care of me. She wants to be cremated and to have half her ashes spread over SF Bay and the other half spread over Yosemite. We will also have a celebration of life ceremony. The actual dates and plans are still up in the air but I will inform everyone when we have it figured out. Most likely around her birthday in early April.

      She would like me to inform all that they are welcome to plant remembrance trees in her honor-These were some of her favorite trees:
      1)Flowering Dogwood
      2)Japanese Maple
      4Japanese Magnolia
      5)Baobab Tree
      6)Gingko Tree


  9. I have been reading Jazz’s blog for a long time. I never met her, but I learned so much from her about what is important in life and how much you can fight for yourself if you should become ill. I was shocked to learn of her death, but I know it was her time to go. I will miss reading her blog. Michael, I knew you as a child, and I am very sorry for your loss. I have thought of you often while reading the blog, and I am thinking of you now. Stay strong. You did everything you could do. All you can do now is remember her, and I think that is one of the things she really wanted, to be remembered.

  10. Wow, this makes me so sad. I’ve been reading her updates for the entire seven and a half years and though we never met face to face, we became quite friendly on Vox a few years back. I will never forget her or her upbeat attitude and dogged determination to survive. She was the best friend I never met.

  11. I worked with Jasmin at the courts and was blessed to have met her on two occasions. Life is so precious and rereading through her blog reminds me of that. Michael, I keep you and the rest of your family in my prayers and heart. May Jasmin’s life be a testiment to others to either keep enjoying life or to start because you never know when your last day is your last.

  12. Jaz, you touched so many lives. I knew you so briefly here in the IE, but always remembered your beauty and wit fondly. Our mutual friends (Tracy, Dylan, Joel, Stew, etc…are all saddened today to hear the news…)

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