The Force is strong in this one…

I’m a defector from Vox.

That’s what I wrote back in 2007.  It’s 2010, I’m still alive, I hope my post-Vox neighbors stay around where I can find them!  Anyway, thank you all for hanging in with me.

If you’re new to One Step Beyond, it’s like the ska song…just imagine someone (with Stage 4 cancer) too old for a mod outfit, skanking to the “most rockingest, rock steady beat of Madness!  ONE STEP BEYOND…!”

<and now it’s time to dance 😉 >

2013 Edit: Hanging in there, 7.5 years out from a Stage IV diagnosis. I’m now a one-lunger, as the left lung collapsed last year, probably due to bi-weekly flights from California to Colorado for treatment. No matter, still kicking, ever-searching for the next horizon. I’ve stopped counting which line of treatment I’m on. Currently I’m waiting to enroll in an  Anti-PD1 immunotherapy trial (Merck 3475). Don’t let the talk of death and clinical trial jargon get you. It’s just me trying to sort out options and keep from plunging into despair.

Carpe diem!


4 thoughts on “The Force is strong in this one…

  1. My partner has terminal cancer… He has been rejected from the last 2 clinical trials he applied for because each series of tests discovers a new metastasis… Much strength and hope for you in your journey, the weather is beautiful in Denver today!! Hope you can get out and enjoy some of the splendor!!

    • Are you in Colorado? Thanks for coming by. Strength and hope to you and your partner, as well. May you both find peace, healing, and joy in the time to come.

  2. I am in Colorado… And if you have any needs when you are here or any chance to enjoy the splendor of the state (not found in Aurora, unfortunately!), please let me know if I could help or be your guide!

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