In memoriam Naomi Matsunobu

Laurie Anderson – For a large and changing room. This piece feels very cinematic and architectural to me, very New York. Two things Naomi seemed to be. I wanted to play music for her, those last days. I felt so helpless, having to leave, knowing I would never see her again. I wanted just a few more hours. I never understood the rush. It accomplished nothing. Sigh.


Shadows and Light

This year marks Joni Mitchell’s 70th birthday. She was an incredible force and influence in my life, and I’ve never stopped listening to her music, regardless of what trend I was caught up in. ┬áThis particular song seemed appropriate for the mess that was today.

Shadows: the ongoing harassment of my brother by his downstairs neighbor. I’m afraid it won’t end well. The guy threw rocks through his windows and kicked his security screen door enough to dent it and damage the door frame. My brother has been bullied by this guy for some time now, and the slumlord basically says it’ll take at least two months to evict him, though he’s in the process. I wasn’t convinced, and at any rate am not in great condition to figure out alternative arrangements in the meantime. The police never did arrive, which I find alarming. My brother is tired, and he’s weary of escalating retaliation.

Light: biopsy for clinical trial is scheduled for Monday. I have labs and other stuff to do in preparation, but I forgot to ask where they plan on gathering tissue. Because the lung is out. But nice to know they’re rolling along.

Me, I’m tired too. I’m looking for light but oftentimes, darkness gets the upper hand.